Hope School Accommodation

Hostel facilities for learners attending the school

Hope School offers hostel facilities for learners attending the school. The hostels are led by a dedicated Hostel manager Mr Craig Greybe and a dedicated team of nurses, sisters, and additional staff.Our boarding creates the structure and discipline necessary to teach independence, resilience and to build strength of character; whilst offering a warm and comfortable environment. All hostel facilities are carefully curated to accommodate the special needs of the learners.
Each hosteloffers shared bedrooms with study facilities; well-equipped bathrooms; a communal lounge and TV area; a modern dining hall; laundry, and a sanatorium, as well as on- site day and night shift nurses.

Safely enclosed within the school grounds with 24-hour security, it always allows boarders the use of the school amenities, whether they chose to board on a term basis, weekly or monthly.

The hostels are operational during the following times:
Sunday: drop – off learners from 16h00
Monday – Thursday 24 hours
Friday: pick up of learners until 16h00

Boys Hostel

Girls Hostel